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Accolades & Achievements

Joined Mary Kay: November 1981
Debuted as a Director: February 1983
Debuted as a National Sales Director: November 1994
NSD Theme Song: James Brown “I Feel Good”
Senior NSD: Jan Harris

Family: husband Brian, daughters Jennifer, Whitney & McKenzie

Career before Mary Kay: Elementary School Teacher


Special Career Achievements:

  • Broke Company Production Record as brand new Director.

  • Earned her first pink Cadillac in June of 1983. Five months after becoming a Sales Director.

  • Has earned and driven a Brand New Pink Cadillac every 2 years since 1983.

  • Earned Top Director and Unit Club recognition and prizes since 1983. Has earned 22 luxury international trips to date.

  • Earned Company’s most esteemed Go-Give Award in 1988.

  • Currently has 3 Off-Spring National Sales Directors. Mary Pat Raynor, Maricela Becerra de Meza and Amie Gamboian.

  • Serves on Mary Kay Cosmetics NSD Advisory Board in Dallas, Texas.

  • International Leadership trainer for Mary Kay Incorporated.

  • Became Mary Kay Millionaire National in 1996.

  • Has earned over 8 million in commissions during her Mary Kay career.

  • Highest monthly commission checks have been over $61,000 in one month.

  • Is a member of the company’s elite Inner Circle of National Sales Directors since 2002.

  • Created and founded Generations of Pink, a Mary Kay Mother – Daughters Christian Conference.

Stacy James

Executive Senior

National Sales Director

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