Consultant Promotions

Mighty Three Women

 James Area Consultants who recruit 3 or more new team members in June will receive recognition from Stacy 


Momentum Challenge

WHEN >> Mondays @ 12:00 pm CST

WHERE >> James Area Rockstars Facebook Group

Join our National Stacy on Mondays LIVE in the James Area Rockstar Facebook Group! Each week she will recognize all of the Momentum Achievers from the previous week! Everyone who has been in front of 10 virtual faces for the week, who either attended a virtual event, held a virtual spa session with you or helped you with a Leadership Training call for that week. Schedule this LIVE video in each week and set a reminder in your phone so that you don't miss it! 



Stellar Seller

When you have $1,000 Wholesale in for the month you are a Stellar Seller! See the details to learn more about the rewards you can earn!

BONUS!! When you are a Stellar Seller in May & June you will get the Irresistible Pin pictured below, from Stacy!!!



Hall of Fame

New Consultants who add  3 New Qualified Team Members to their team within the first 60 Days of their Business will receive our James Area Irresistible Pin and be cemented in the James Area  Hall of Fame FOREVER!! This is the ONLY chance to achieve this..